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1. This intuition that looks matter little may be another instance of our denying real influences upon us, for there is now a file drawer full of research studies indicating that appearance is a powerful determinant of initial attraction.


2. The president, in giving to his most powerful and most distinguished rival the greatest place which a president has in his power to bestow, gave an excellent proof of the nobleness of his own spirit.

译文:那位总统把自己的权力所能授予的职位,给予了他的最有势力、而又最为卓越的敌手。 这便是他的崇高精神的最好证据。

英语翻译技巧之拆译法与合译法 翻译新闻 第1张

3. This will be particularly true since energy pinch will make it difficult to continue agriculture in high-energy American fashion that makes it possible to combine few farmers with high yields.

这种困境将是确定无疑的, 因为能源的匮乏使农业无法以高能量消耗这种美国耕种方法继续下去了, 而这种耕种方式使投入少数 农民就可获得高产成为可能。

4. He did not remember his father who died when he was three years old.


他不记得他父亲了, 父亲死时他才三岁.

5. Behaviorists suggest that the child who is raised in an environment where there are many stimuli which develop his or her capacity for appropriate responses will experience greater intellectual development.


6. Sunrays filtered in wherever they could, driving out darkness and choking the shadows.




China is a large country with four-fifths of the population engaged in agriculture, but only one tenth of the land is farmland, the rest being mountains, forests and places for urban and other uses.(合译)

8. My father was not wrong in judging me too young to manage business of importance.


9. She sat with her hands cupping her chin, staring at a corner of the little kitchen.


10. The military is forbidden to “kill” the vessel, a relative easy task.


11. He was very clean. His mind was open.


英语翻译技巧之拆译法与合译法 翻译新闻 第2张

12. 芸作新妇,初甚缄默,终日无怒容,与之言,微笑而已。

As a bride, Yun was very quiet at first. She was never sullen or displeased, and when people spoke to her, she merely smiled.


There’s no way out but to set you to work looking after our neighbour’s buffalo. You’ll make a little money every month, and you’ll get your meals there too. You are to start tomorrow.

14. The sun was coming over the hills. A bass jumped, making a circle in the water. Nick trailed his hand in the water. It felt warm in the sharp chill of the morning.


15. No stretch of imagination could visualize anything half so lovely.


16. Its gleaming sands and backdrop of pine woods and distant hills give it a pleasant and restful atmosphere.


17. Dawn met him well along the way. It was pleasant uneventful ride.


18. He crashed down on a protesting chair.



19. 她已经洗完了衣服,坐在小溪边的石头上撩起布衫揩脸上的汗水。

She has already finished washing. Seated on a stone beside the stream, she wiped her perspiring face with her tunic.

20. 但他性情不同,既不求官爵,又不交纳朋友,终日闭户读书。

He was, however, eccentric. He did not look for an official post, and did even have any friends. All day he studied behind closed doors.

21. 年岁不好,柴米又贵;这几件旧衣服和旧家伙,当的当了,卖的卖了;只靠着我替人家做些针指生活寻来的钱,如何供得你读书?(吴敬梓《儒林外史》)

Times are hard, and fuel and rice are expensive. Our old clothes and our few sticks of furniture have been pawned or sold. We have nothing to live on but what I make by my sewing. How can I pay for your schooling?

英语翻译技巧之拆译法与合译法 翻译新闻 第3张

22. It was in vain that the old lady asked her if she was aware she was speaking to Miss Pinkerton.(W.M. Thackray: Vanity Fair)


23. 华大妈在枕头底下掏了半天,掏出一包洋钱,交给老栓,(C)老栓接了,抖抖的装入衣袋,又在上面按了两下,便点上灯笼,吹灭灯盏,走向里屋去了(C) 。

After some fumbling under the pillow , his wife produced a packet of silver dollars which she handed over .Old Shuan pocketed it nervously ,patted the outside of his pocket twice ,then lighting a paper lantern and blowing out the lamp ,went into the inner room .

24. 她一手提着竹篮,内中一个破碗,空的一手拄着一支比她更长的竹竿,下端开了裂,她分明已经纯乎是一个乞丐了。

In one hand she had a bamboo basket containing a chipped , empty bowl ; in the other , a bamboo pole , taller than herself , that was split at the bottom . She had clearly become a beggar pure and simple.

25. Kings and bears often worry keepers .




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